Wear & Care Statements

Meteorite: Exposure to harsh chemicals, chlorine and moisture can change the pH of the material and increase chances of rusting. If rust does appear, it can be easily removed and refinished. Daily wear will transfer your skin’s natural oils and help protect the ring.

Wood: Factors that can affect wood include exposure to harsh chemicals, over-washing, and prolonged submission under water. To avoid damage, try to keep your wood ring away from substances like antibacterial soaps, hair products, and sunscreen.

Damascus: Although Damascus does not typically scratch easily, the ring’s finish evolve with time. Prevent this by refraining from exposure to harsh chemicals, saltwater, lotions, makeup, and perfume and clean frequently with soaps that are free of chemicals.

Black zirconium: Zirconium is very durable. Similar to titanium, wear and tear is minimum, but scratching is a possibility. Clean zirconium rings with lukewarm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.

Titanium: Titanium is one of the most durable ring materials, and is typically resistant to scratches and corrosion. However, to clean your ring, use lukewarm water and soap and dry with a clean towel, as harsh cleaning solutions may discolor the ring.

Cerakote: Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic coating, and is known to enhance elements like scratch resistance, durability and hardness. However, when caring for cerakote, it is still very important to clean your ring with chemical-free soaps and soft brushes and cloths to avoid scratches.

Yellow Gold: Yellow gold rings are among the easiest to care for. To clean your ring, wash with soap and warm water, followed by drying with a soft cotton cloth. If you need to remove dirt from the small crevices of the ring, scrubbing with a soft jewelry brush will do the trick.

Rose Gold: Rose gold rings are easily washable by using gentle soap and warm water, followed by drying with a soft cotton cloth. Soaking the ring in soapy water for a few minutes is also a good option for cleaning dirt.

Platinum: To care for your platinum ring, you should clean it regularly. If you do not have access to jewelry cleaner, warm soapy water will also work. Use a soft brush to scrub the ring, then rinse thoroughly under water. After washing, be sure to use a clean and lint free cloth to dry the ring.