The His Ring Shop Difference

Still on the fence about buying your wedding band online? Let us put those concerns to rest and lay down why we’re the best.

Easier Than Ordering Postmates

  • Shop from your own couch, or bed, or bathroom, or gym, or work, or whatever you’re into. Point is, you can do it wherever, whenever, and we take all the hard work out of ring shopping. All you have to do is find what you like, we take care of the rest.
  • Skip the trip to the traditional jeweler, because everything you need is just a click away at His Ring Shop.

Variety That You’ll Actually Get Excited About

  • Our store has over 200 styles with multiple variations, color ways, materials, metals, and textures, as well as a customization option.
  • Forget about driving around town to multiple jewelers with limited selection as you desperately search for something you like—and then end up settling for sub par.
  • Everything you could possibly want is found in one spot, at His Ring Shop.

When You Like What You See, We Ship It Fo’ Free

  • Free shipping and returns. Why? Because if we’re trying to save you the gas you’d spend driving from traditional jeweler to traditional jeweler, why would we charge you shipping?
  • Not sure you’re feeling it? Don’t worry, returns are free too. See, we’ve always got your back.

Confidence That You Didn’t Screw This Up

  • Your ring size isn’t something you want to second guess. With our home try-on FREE sizing kit, you can feel confident about your true ring size when you finally order your band of choice.
  • No tying a string around your finger. No printable PDFs that you have to eyeball for closest fit. No janky plastic on a keychain. Our kit is the real deal, because you deserve it.

Always Guaranteed; We Don’t Half Ass It

  • All of our rings come with a lifetime guarantee. Seriously, though!
  • No fine print, no B.S. No hidden policies or dismissive excuses like you often find with traditional jewelers.
  • Once you’re a His Ring Shop customer, we take care of you and your ring for life.

Personalized & High-Touch—Because This Sh*t Can Be Confusing

  • Enjoy hands on, expert guidance throughout the buying process; we make sure you know exactly what you want and are 100% stoked on your choice.
  • Unlike traditional jewelers, we aren’t trying to force a sale to get a commission. We only want you to choose a ring when you are totally confident that it’s perfect for you. No ulterior motives other than helping you as much as possible; pinky promise.

No more confusion, no more hassle.

We want you to find a ring that looks great and fits even better. Discover your true ring size with our ring FREE sizing kit today.

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