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You may think you do, but the reality is that most people are wearing the wrong size.


Fit Factors

There are many common misconceptions on how a ring should fit. People typically choose a ring size based on how easily it slides over their knuckle when they should really base their decision on how it fits when it’s on the actual base of the finger.

Multiple factors can also affect how your ring fits at any given time. Weather, lifestyle, diet, and age can alter the size of your finger on even a daily basis.


No More Guessing

Don’t worry. It’s not just you. We’ve worked with thousands of men like yourself who are unsure of their true ring size. In the past, they faced the hassle of going into countless jewelry stores in an attempt to discover their ring size, oftentimes leaving with the feeling that they still don’t know their magic number. To eliminate this confusion, we created the His Ring Shop sizing kit; an at-home kit that allows you to try on 10 different ring sizers to determine your size, ensuring that it fits just right.


Our Free Sizing Kit

We are giving you this kit completely FREE, no strings attached. We want you to feel totally confident in your size so that you can find the perfect ring; a ring that looks great, and fits even better.

After entering your info, you’ll receive your FREE ring sizing kit in 2-3 business days. In the ring sizing kit, you’ll receive three millimeter samples ( 4 mm , 6 mm and 8 mm) to discover the width you like, 10 different rings precisely calibrated rings in the most common sizes, each indented with size numbers 7 ½ - 12. When purchasing a ring in-store, you may feel that the size is right in that moment; however, it’s not until later during your day-to-day activities that you notice discomfort in its wearability.


Try Before You Buy—For Free

Our FREE ring kit aims to solve this common pain point. With our kit, you’re able to test how the ring fits in the shower, at the gym, or wherever your lifestyle takes you so that you can easily discern which size truly fits your everyday. Our goal is for you to feel completely secure with your size choice, knowing that your ring will fit comfortably and securely withstand whatever hands-on experiences life has in store.

We know what you’re thinking. It sounds too good to be true, but we promise—there’s no catch. The sizing kit is 100% FREE. No money out of your pocket, no hassle, no strings attached.


Get 10% Off Your Ring

Your journey with His Ring Shop doesn’t end here. We think that finding out your size is a big deal that deserves to be celebrated. If you ordered our sizing kit and discovered your true ring size, just use the included pre-paid return label and send the kit back to us; in return, we’ll send you a celebratory discount code of 10% off once we receive your kit. Use this code to take full advantage of the latest trends and styles we offer in our online collection.

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