Where to Buy a Promise Ring?

Where to Buy a Promise Ring?

Have you reached a point in your relationship where you want to get your significant other something that says you’re ready to take things to the next level? If you’re not quite ready for marriage or engagement, a promise ring is a great way to show that you are committed to the relationship, even if you aren’t quite ready to go all the way just yet.

But whether you’re a man wanting to buy a promise ring for your partner or a woman looking for a promise ring for a man, you might not know where to start. Heck, your Google search on this very question might even be what landed you here!

We’ll go through your options here in this post, as well as give you a comprehensive guide on how to handle the entire promise ring shopping process. You’ll go from feeling overwhelmed to fully prepared by the end of this one blog!

Ready to get started? First, let’s recap what a promise ring is so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

What Is a Promise Ring?

Simply put, a promise ring is a physical symbol of a promise made from one person to another. Promise rings can be given for a wide number of reasons, but for the sake of this exercise, we’re going to stick with promise rings that are given or exchanged within a romantic relationship.

In the relationship scenario, the promise ring most often signifies your commitment to each other as a couple. It is a physical symbol of your love and devotion. Promise rings can represent a variety of different promises, but at their core, they will generally all share these qualities.

Highly customizable, promise rings are gaining popularity among millennials who are getting married later in life but want to show their commitment to their relationship. While they don’t necessarily have to signify that an engagement and marriage is in the future, they are often used as a first step for any couple in this process.

And there’s your brief promise ring recap! Let’s now dig into the ring buying process. First up — where does a promise ring even go?

Choosing the Right Finger for Your Promise Ring

As you might have guessed, the promise ring will traditionally go on the ring finger of the left hand for both men and women. If the promise ring is going to a woman, she will generally move it to her right hand and stop wearing it when she is given an engagement ring.

However, unlike an engagement or wedding ring, there is no strict code as to which finger you should wear your promise ring. Choose the finger you would be most comfortable with, as a promise ring may be the first ring you’ve worn regularly.

Purchase the promise ring for a finger other than the ring finger if you think it would eventually be replaced by an engagement ring or wedding band. You should also choose a finger other than the ring finger if you are buying the ring for a friend or family member.

You can also wear your promise ring around your neck, so you may consider buying a chain for the promise ring if your friend or partner does not like to wear any rings on their fingers.

Find Out Their Ring Size

Once you’ve decided which finger the ring will go on, you need to figure out your significant other’s size before you buy it! Don’t just ask them if you are planning for the presentation to be a surprise, rather try to be sneaky about it.

If they have other rings, you can try to match the ring size to a ring they already have. Just make sure you know that they wear the sample ring on the intended finger for the promise ring. You can do this by actually bringing the ring into a jeweler, tracing a circle on a piece of paper, or printing out a size chart and matching it up.

If you’re not worried about the romantic surprise element of giving your significant other a promise ring, you can go ahead and ask them their ring size. It may be a good idea to discuss the promise ring with your boyfriend or girlfriend to see if they are open to the idea of wearing one anyway.

Set Your Budget

You should ALWAYS come up with a budget before you make any kind of large purchase, but this is especially true when it comes to rings. Know your budget before you begin your shopping and you will know what rings to look for and won’t buy a ring you can’t afford. Promise rings are generally much less expensive than engagement rings, but you can spend as much or as little as you’d like. Again, with promise rings, there are no hard rules.

Do You Want a Ring for Yourself As Well?

Often, couples will exchange promise rings and each wears them as a show of their love for each other. Even if you are buying a promise ring for a friend, you likely will want a matching ring for yourself. You can typically find matching promise ring sets for him and her, but make sure you factor in the second ring into your overall budget.

Try to Learn Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Taste in Jewelry

What is your partner’s taste? You don’t know?! You need to figure it out.

Your partner is going to wear this ring every day — at least, that’s the goal. So you need to pick out something that they are going to love and be comfortable with. If they already own rings, you can take a look at their current jewelry collection to notice any styles or types of metal that they seem to prefer.

Take note of whether they prefer larger statement pieces or subtle delicate rings. Are the rings solid metals or do they contain stones? Do they seem to prefer warm or cool tones?

If there is no such collection to learn more, you may consider just having a conversation or sneakily asking their preferences without them catching on to what you’re really asking.

Choosing the Ring Style & Design

Once you have an idea of your partner’s style preference, you can look into your options based on that and your budget. Find rings that fit the balance between preference and budget, and you likely have narrowed down the massive field of potential promise rings considerably.

You should consider what type of metal you want as well as if you want any kind of design before you set foot in a store. Popular designs include the traditional Irish Claddagh design that shows two hands coming from either side to hold a crowned heart (you’ve likely seen these before). A simple heart design is also very common. But if you go with a ring design, make sure the design is meaningful to you and not just something you saw on someone else.

You can also choose to customize your ring or even add an engraving. This personal engraved message will make the ring more meaningful and show your significant other why you are giving them the ring. The engraving can be either on the inside or outside of the ring.

Start Your Promise Ring Shopping

Now you’re ready to start shopping! If you’ve been browsing online already for ideas, that’s perfectly fine, but hopefully, you haven’t set foot in a jewelry store without an idea of what you’re looking for or knowing your budget, because this is a common pitfall and an easy way to put yourself in a bad situation. You may end up buying a ring your partner doesn’t want or spend well beyond your means because you just have no clue what you need to spend.

There are so many online jewelers now that the process can be fairly easy to do from the comfort of your own home, but there is some value to be gained from actually walking into a physical store so you can see and feel some rings in person.

You may consider going to multiple stores to see more options and even bringing a friend along who knows your partner and can help with the selection process. Since you’ve done your homework, you will be able to tell the salesperson exactly what you are looking for and make the process much quicker and easier.

We should note that you can often save money by purchasing a promise ring online, so it may be a good idea to do some shopping at traditional brick and mortar jewelers, then matching your preferences with rings you find online.

No matter what, you always want to make sure that there is an exchange policy in case your partner wants to exchange the ring for a different one. You never want to buy a ring that you cannot return.

Giving a Promise Ring

Once you’ve made the purchase, there’s only one thing left to do — you have to give the ring to your significant other! Luckily for you, the presentation does not need to be as elaborate or formal for a promise ring vs. engagement ring, but you should still put thought and consideration into your promise ring presentation.

After all — the ring will symbolize a real commitment that you are making to each other, so you want a presentation that reflects that promise. You may consider giving him or her the ring on an important day to you both, or at a place that has a special place in your hearts. This will make giving them the ring all the more special.

Once you’ve found the right moment, you also will want to be able to explain the meaning behind the ring. Otherwise, it won’t hold any real significance. Have a specific promise you want to make and tell them why when you gave them the ring. Your partner should be touched by your romantic efforts, but if not, it doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship is ruined— they just might not want to wear a ring!

This is why it’s often a good idea to discuss promise rings beforehand so you don’t run into a tricky situation. But if they’re in, a promise ring can be a special next step into the future for your relationship.


Promise rings can be a great gesture of a commitment shared between couples. While the process may seem tricky at first, hopefully, this blog helps clear things up a bit for you.

When you decide that you’re ready to shop for a promise ring for your boyfriend, consider looking through our selection here at His Ring Shop. We have numerous promise ring options for guys so you’re sure to find one that suits him. Happy shopping!

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