What to Look for When Buying a Wedding Ring

What to Look for When Buying a Wedding Ring

Buying a wedding ring is a big step. It’s a ring you will wear for years to come, as a visible symbol of your love and commitment to one person. Since you’ll basically be staring at it for the rest of your foreseeable future, you want it to not only be a ring you really dig but the perfect ring. You also want it to be a ring that fits well, among other key characteristics. Let’s be real—is there anything more uncomfortable than wearing a ring that’s a hair too tight? Or worse, wearing a ring that’s a hair too large, only to look down one day and discover it’s gone missing? Can you say ouch? Talk about a shot to the heart and the wallet.

Fortunately, with a bit of sage advice, your wedding ring buying expedition doesn’t have to be nearly as daunting as you imagine. But rather, it can be an enjoyable jewelry experience. Keep reading for our best tips on what to look for when buying a wedding ring. Take ‘em or leave ‘em.


You should start any shopping expeditions by first evaluating and setting a budget. The temptation to overspend your money can be strong, especially if you find a ring you really like at the jeweler. However, by putting a budget in place ahead of time, you know the price range you’re willing to spend and you can limit your hunt for a ring only to styles and designs that fall within it. This keeps your wallet happy and doesn’t lead you down a path of disappointment when you have to regretfully say no to that expensive ring you’ve been coveting for days while ignoring the price tag.


The second most important thing before shopping for a ring is determining your ring size. Rings that are too large can be annoying and even dangerous depending on what career field you work in. Not to mention the possibility of loss. A ring that’s too big can easily slip right off your finger without you realizing it until hours later. That makes recovering the ring all but impossible. On the flip side, rings that are too small either won’t fit at all or will be so tight your circulation gets cut off. That’s the total opposite of comfort, which is really of paramount importance when buying a wedding band you can wear for a lifetime.

This is the main reason you want to make sure you have your true ring size. Buying a wedding band is an investment, and you’ll be wearing it for many years to come. In some cases, especially if you go the custom ring route, choose a unique style like an eternity ring, or choose the wrong size, resizing is difficult. Though there are ways to help make a ring that’s too large fit more snuggly without going through the process of resizing, it’s a whole lot harder to make a ring bigger if you get one that’s too small. It’s important to find your true size right off the bat, and our ring sizing kit can help!


There are so many different styles and designs for wedding rings, you shouldn’t have any problem finding potential candidates. In fact, such a wide variety at the jewelry store can hinder some men as they try to narrow down to one choice. Some key considerations to think about are whether or not you want you and your future spouse’s rings to match or merely complement each other and whether you want the wedding bands to match the engagement ring or contrast with it to make a style statement. There are no hard and fast rules, but most couples like to pick rings that go well together in some fashion, even if they aren’t identical.


Wedding bands today come in many styles and materials. Silver and gold are faithful traditions, while materials like meteorite, titanium, or Damascus steel can give your wedding ring a unique look that stands out from more traditional materials. Natural woods make for an intriguing wedding band material and black zirconium gives even the prettiest of wedding bands an edge. You should pick the material based on your budget, your personal tastes, and your lifestyle. Some materials are better suited for men with active lifestyles, while other materials are better suited for men in the boardroom.

Customized or Not

There are many ways to customize a wedding ring nowadays. This is a great way to help you design the perfect ring. Fingerprint rings are popular, and so are heartbeat rings. Engravings can make a simple ring feel extra special, without impacting your budget too significantly. Note that a custom wedding ring is harder to resize, if not impossible, and are often irreplaceable. Something to keep in mind if you’re a guy that’s prone to leaving his jewelry on the bathroom counter and knocking it down the drain.

Think About Upkeep

The more ornate the wedding band, the more upkeep required to keep it looking its best. If you’re the guy that gets impatient even wearing a ring in the first place, you probably won’t want the responsibility of a ring loaded with diamonds and detailing. Rings with a lot of stones or intricate detailing require maintenance and cleaning. Wedding bands that are simple, with minimal stones or detailing are much easier to keep clean.

Deciding what to look for when buying a wedding ring is probably the least of your worries when wedding planning. In most cases, an experienced jeweler can be invaluable to the process, freeing up more of your time to focus on all that other—fun—stuff. Ahem. 

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