Wedding Gifts for The Groom

Wedding Gifts for The Groom

It doesn’t matter if you’re the bride, the groom’s parents, or a groomsman, every groom appreciates a great wedding gift. In many cases, people will get the “couple” a gift, but let’s be honest. It doesn’t have quite the same thrill as a gift just for him.

Still, is it required to give the groom a gift? No, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. And if you’re feeling stuck, you can always take a peek at the wedding registry to help you find the perfect gift you’re certain only he would love. This article serves as the perfect gift guide for in-laws, groomsmen, and even future brides. For the soon-to-be groom, you can also pull some inspiration for groomsmen gift ideas as well!  The important thing to remember is that the greatest gifts are the ones that are personalized, so take some time to think about the individual before you make your purchase.

What’s the Budget for a Groom’s Wedding Gift?

This really depends on who is doing the giving. If you’re a groomsman and you just want to give the groom a token gift, your budget will be smaller than if you’re the bride and buying the groom a gift yourself. By the same token, a groom’s parents or soon-to-be in-laws might spend a little more on a groom’s gift to make sure it’s something special that will be well-received. You can go simple and affordable or extravagant and expensive. It’s really up to you. Just make sure you’ve factored it into the overall wedding budget, or you might have one nasty surprise when it’s time to pay up.

Choosing the Best Wedding Gift for the Groom

You should always choose your wedding gifts for the groom based on your budget. If your budget is small, say $100 or less, you might choose something like a fine batch of congratulatory cigars, or a fancy, engraved decanter set with a bottle of your groom’s favorite liquor for a personal touch. If he’s a whisky man, you can get him a bottle of smooth whiskey in a decorative wooden box. He can later use the fancy box to store his favorite wedding memories in.

Cufflinks are a great wedding gift for the groom, especially if they are fancy and made of precious metals and gemstones. Cufflinks make a great gift to the groom courtesy of the bride. They’re an even better idea if she has matching jewelry she will be wearing on the big day. A bride could even give the groom special photos, like those from a sexy boudoir shoot just for him.

Another good gift idea is a nice men’s wedding ring. For instance, if you know he just got a basic, functional wedding band for himself until he can afford something better later down the road, then getting him a beautiful upgrade can serve as the perfect gift that’s both memorable and meaningful.

You could also go really outside the box and simply write your husband-to-be a heartfelt love note. A handwritten letter from a lover is hands down one of the greatest gifts a woman or a man could receive. Your groom will be no exception and will no doubt cherish that letter forever.

A monogrammed robe in some kind of luxurious material can also make a wonderful wedding night or honeymoon gift that’s unique and practical. He can slip into it just about the time he and his bride are ready to get comfy for the evening and spend several hours holed up in bed, eating room service. You could even have his and hers robes so that the bride and the groom match.

If you’re a groomsman getting a gift for the groom, remember that thought is what counts the most. You could get the groom his own personalized flask to keep the alcohol flowing for the night, or get him a fancy watch to wear on the big day. Nearly all men love a great watch and you can go as extravagant or as simple as you like with it. If you are the brother or best friend of the groom, it is always nice to finish your best man duties with a memorable gift for the newly-married man. Once again, this doesn’t have to be an expensive gift. What matters most here is that it is meaningful and personalized.

Wallets make excellent gifts for grooms too. Every man has a need for a sturdy wallet. Fortunately, you can find some very nice ones and personalize it with a special message or the groom’s initials. Make sure the wallet suits the groom’s style and taste though, otherwise there’s no point in giving it. It will merely be thrown in a drawer, never to be seen again.

Some people might like to get the groom jewelry for the wedding. Perhaps a personalized ring or a bracelet engraved with the name of the bride-to-be. Other men like to wear necklaces, so you could always buy him a nice gold or platinum chain. This can be a great gift idea for a mother of the groom to purchase for her son.

Whatever kind of wedding gifts you choose for the groom, put your heart and some thought into it. It might be simple, it might not be expensive, but when it’s heartfelt, it really does make a difference.


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