Types of Wedding Suits for a Groom

Types of Wedding Suits for a Groom

Trying to figure out what to wear for your wedding can bring some men true glee and cause others to break out in a cold sweat. Men who are fashion forward may not blink twice and know instinctively what kind of getup they want to wear on the Big Day.

If you’re more the cold sweat type, you may have no clue where to even start. Keep reading for the many types of wedding suits available for a groom. From there, you can decide which type will fit your own personal style as well as your wedding theme and your bride-to-be.

A Casual Affair

Not all weddings are super formal and upscale. Some are infinitely more casual and relaxed. Luckily, there are plenty of stylish options for menswear to an informal wedding with plenty of color choices too. You can also make the casual wedding attire quite unique since formal is out the window.

A Two-Piece Suit

The two-piece suit is great. You can go with this look all day long and do it without getting the side eye from friends and family. Some men opt to wear a waistcoat, or not. Some men like to lose the jacket entirely and just wear a waistcoat. Whatever route you take, the look is elegant, casual, and just a little sexy. You can also go crazy with color choices and don’t have to just go the traditional black and white route.

A Lounge Suit

If you’re having a beach wedding or something similar, a lounge suit is the perfect, casual wedding attire. They come in many colors, usually on the lighter end of the spectrum, they are extremely comfy, and you can rock them with or without a tie. Most are single-breasted, or you can get really casual and wear this look with suspenders and a bow tie. Cute, informal, playful. Perfect for a fun, simple event outdoors.

A Semi-Formal Affair

Sometimes the wedding isn’t quite as formal, and you need to wear something more “suitable” (pardon the pun). A semi-formal event is still formal, but there’s more of a relaxed, laid-back vibe. You could wear either a wedding suit or a business suit and be fine.

A Wedding Suit

You can rent a wedding suit with different silhouettes and colors and suit rentals come in single-breasted and double-breasted styles. The double-breasted suit is considered the more formal of the two and is tailored more, but both work well for a semi-formal event. You can wear a suit them with a bow tie, although they are more commonly worn with a regular long tie. It’s really up to you.

A Business Suit

A business suit comes in many styles and shades. You can go double or single-breasted and wear it with your favorite dress shirt. If you want a more formal look, wear a solid color tie like black or grey. You could also go with pinstripe. If you want a less formal look, pair the look with a cool patterned tie you love or a bold color. Just make sure whatever you wear goes well with your wedding’s theme and matches your bride.

A Formal Affair

Sometimes called a black-tie event, a formal affair usually requires one of three kinds of suits. The standard tuxedo, the evening tail, and the dinner suit. Whichever formal wear you choose depends on the event itself and your personal tastes.

A Tuxedo

A tux is a classic style that will likely never go out of vogue. Trimmed in satin, you can go old school with black and white, or choose a more modern color with contrasting trim. Pair it with a bow tie to complete the look, or with a regular tie for a slightly more casual vibe. Bow ties tend to ramp up the formal factor, so it’s all about you, your event, and your personal vibe.

An Evening Tail

An evening tail suit is perfect for a supremely formal event. It’s considered even more formal than your typical tux if that tells you anything. They come in different styles and varieties but are commonly very snug-fitting with a long back tailcoat. The jacket is worn open and many men wear this look with… you guessed it… a bow tie. We told you bow ties are the epitome of formal!

A Dinner Suit

A dinner suit is a little more low-key and less attention-grabbing than its tux and tail counterparts. You can wear it either double-breasted or single-breasted and choose a color or go with a more traditional white and black look. The look is simple, understated, but still elegant. Wear it with a bow tie and your bride-to-be will be suitably impressed.

As you can see, the types of wedding suits for a groom can run the gamut. There are a number of directions a man can take with his wedding day look. Try on several that fit your wedding theme and go with the one that makes you feel like a man-beast on your wedding day.

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