The Significance of a Men's Wedding Ring

The Significance of a Men's Wedding Ring

Wedding rings hold quite a bit of importance but the significance of a men’s wedding ring, in particular, is actually somewhat new in modern society. Though women have worn engagement rings and wedding bands in some form or fashion dating all the way back to the times of ancient Egypt thousands of years ago, men's wedding bands weren't being worn until around the 1920’s. That was not long ago at all!

At the time of WWII, young men were heading off to war and many didn’t know if they would ever make it back.

Many would get married before leaving and then wore a wedding band to remind themselves of their wives and family back home. After that, along came the Korean war and the fairly new tradition of men’s wedding bands became firmly entrenched. From that point onward, men and women both wore wedding rings after their wedding ceremony as a way to represent their love and commitment to one another.

What Does the Wedding Ring Symbolize?

A wedding ring in today’s western cultures the wedding ring is meant to symbolize the unbroken bond between two partners. It’s meant to be a reflection of their eternal love for each other. It is a promise ring that represents a vow from one to the other to love and to cherish one another, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, until death do them part.

Exchanging rings and vows is always intended to be a forever kind of promise, although the sad reality is there are many marriages that simply don’t last. Despite the odds, there is no negating the earnestness of meaning behind the bride and groom exchanging rings during a wedding ceremony, even today.

In ancient cultures, a circle was representative of infinity or eternity, a bond between the bride and groom that has no end and no beginning. A ring also is intended to be a symbol of the covenantal type of love. A covenant is a legal promise made between two people that cannot be broken.

In the Christian faith, a ring symbolizes the eternal love of God and the unbreakable bond they share between two people because God brought them together. The rainbow (which also forms a circle) is also representative of God’s legal covenant with Noah from the Bible.

A circle may signify strength that doesn’t end because there is no point of weakness that can be found. This is supposed to be a symbol of the type of commitment a woman and a man make with each other in holy matrimony. Wedding rings are supposed to serve as a constant reminder to a couple of the vows they have made to each other.

In days long past the wedding ring was more of a statement ring, representing the persons’ style and their class and status in society. Choice of precious metal and stones used to craft the piece were reflective of someone’s wealth and possessions. Additionally, rings were often used as royal seals to mark important documents, especially if they contained orders from the throne.

Traditionally, wedding rings have often been worn on the left hand, usually on the fourth finger. It is thought that the fourth finger, in particular, is connected directly to the heart, so by wearing the ring on that finger, it’s representative of the heart bond between a couple.

Any significance in a man’s wedding ring is only as important as one chooses to make it. Wearing a ring or not wearing a ring doesn’t make one any more or less married. The marriage ceremony is what makes someone married in the eyes of the law. Wedding rings are just a symbolic representation of that legal union called marriage and may be worn by men and women alike. It’s up to us as individuals to give symbols their meaning. That includes any value or significance we may ascribe to men’s wedding bands. So if you or your fiance decide they want to wear one that’s the choice of you and your partner and no one else.

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