Silicone Rings Pros and Cons

Silicone Rings Pros and Cons

Today’s grooms have many different options when it comes to choosing men’s wedding bands. You can go with a classic metal like gold or white gold, or choose something more modern and rugged, like Damascus steel. But many men are now turning to what some might consider being an unlikely source for their wedding rings: silicone.

But before we can get into the pros and cons of silicone rings, we need to answer the question of “why silicone rings?” in the first place.

Why Silicone Rings? Here to Stay or Trendy?

Okay, so we suppose answering this question will delve a bit into the pros of silicone wedding rings, but for those traditionalists who might be baffled that silicone rings even exist, let’s first go over why silicone rings are on the market.

Silicone rings were created for the active/working man. Men had grown tired of traditional gold rings, which are quite soft and prone to damage, and also wanted another alternative besides the much harder and more durable rings made from alternative metals like tungsten or titanium. Because those rings are so hard, they are much stronger than our fingers, and can cause serious damage should they get caught on anything.

Enter silicone rings as a solution.

The silicone ring business was built around function, but for the purest at heart, the silicone ring trend isn't based on quality or monetary value. Silicone rings have no resale value and are a great back-up ring. With a silicone ring, you can put it on and forget about it.  They are flexible and won’t ever dig into your skin. And if they catch on something, they will likely just tear off, which is no real skin off your back since they are so cheap. You may greatly prefer the silicone wedding band option for when you are working out or on the job, while you can purchase another more traditional ring for social and formal events.

Pros of Silicone Rings

Good news first! There is a lot to like about silicone wedding rings. The first being that they are incredibly inexpensive. They are so cheap in fact that many couples will buy a few just to have backups on hand or to have a color variety. If you lose or break a silicone ring, there is no guilt involved, because you can just grab your backup or order another.

Silicone rings are also much safer because they don’t conduct electricity or heat. They aren’t just for the working man either — silicone rings are great for all men, no matter your profession. Anyone who has any kind of fear of ring avulsion will find silicone rings to be an attractive option since they break when placed under pressure, rather than breaking your finger. This gives you some added peace of mind while also giving you a symbol of your promise and love.

As we mentioned, since you can have multiple silicone rings for the cost of a more traditional ring, this opens the doors to having multiple color options on hand. You can simply grab the one that fits your mood at a given time. This likely also makes these rings more attractive to any man who lives an active lifestyle, as it is one less thing to worry about. The rings are also UV and ozone resistant, meaning the color will not fade over time.

Silicone rings are also hypoallergenic unless of course, you are allergic to silicone itself. However, this kind of allergy is extremely rare, and even those with very sensitive skin should never experience any irritation.

Cons of Silicone Wedding Rings

Of course, no ring type is perfect, and silicone rings do have a few drawbacks.

The first is that these rings are not heirloom pieces. If you plan on passing down your ring to your child one day, do keep in mind that silicone rings are not treasured pieces of family history that you will likely want to hand down from generation to generation. They aren’t necessarily made to last for a long time, although they are surprisingly durable. However, they just aren’t that type of piece of jewelry.

Another potential drawback is the simple fact that silicone wedding rings are nontraditional. This might not match up with some people’s idea of marriage. But for these people, you can still have a primary wedding ring and then a replacement silicone ring that you wear when you are being active, that way you can still maintain tradition while keeping yourself safe. The silicone ring can just be considered your backup option. Even today, many traditional jewelers are simply giving silicone rings away; a gift with purchase offer. The reason is that the material is so inexpensive and isn’t of high value so it makes sense to just offer it as a free gift that can be used as a backup option for your actual wedding ring.


Perhaps the greatest perk of silicone wedding rings is the peace of mind they can offer anyone who wears them. Snagging your ring on something in your daily life will never cause ring avulsion with a silicone ring. But silicone rings don’t offer any intrinsic value, individuation or traditional look and feel. SO, what will you choose?

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