How to Plan a Bachelor Party

How to Plan a Bachelor Party

A long-held tradition for men before they get married, you might be surprised to learn that bachelor parties weren’t always an excuse for debauchery and to celebrate their last night of so-called “freedom.” Once upon a time, bachelor parties were actually called bachelor dinners, back in the Spartan days. And in more recent history, it was once called a “gentleman’s dinner.”

In both cases, it was the perfect opportunity for the groom to gather together with his closest friends and family, share a meal, toast the groom, and celebrate what was considered a rite of passage. The groom was about to become a married man. Eventually, the word dinner was dropped for the word party and the whole tradition evolved into something else entirely. Despite the bad rap, it may get these days, your best friend’s bachelor party doesn’t have to be some last-ditch night pretending to be single before they put a wedding ring on their finger.

It should really be about making the place and space for male bonding, celebrating the groom’s important upcoming life milestone, encouraging him in making such a huge leap, and providing the opportunity for him to de-stress and decompress after months of planning and budgeting for a wedding. After all, once he’s married, opportunities for you all to get together, “just the guys” will become less frequent as he settles into married life. Give him an experience to remember, in a good way. It’s important, so don’t muck it up. Keep reading for some tips to help you in the planning process.

Choose an Activity the Groom Will Enjoy

If you choose an activity to center the party around, not only does it ramp up the fun factor, it helps to determine other important logistics, like setting your date and location. Try to think of an activity your groom either really enjoys or has always wanted to do but never did. How fun would it be to take him to do something like skydiving or bungee jumping if he’s never done it before, but you know he’s always secretly wanted to?

You would be making one heck of a party to remember, that’s for sure. If your groom likes to be outdoors or on the water, maybe make a plan to go jet skiing or parasailing. If he’s a hunter, take him hunting. For mature men ready to settle into marriage to a good woman, it really is less about getting trashed at a club and hooking up with exotic dancers, and more about bonding with their best friends and enjoying themselves without stress or worry. After all, between budgeting for the wedding and going through his wedding day checklist, the groom needs a day to relax.

Keep in mind that this party is for your groom, not you and not your boys. Make sure that whatever you do together, it’s something he wants to do and something that suits his nature and tastes. Don’t force him to go bungee jumping if he’s not naturally adventurous that way. Don’t force him to go to a strip club if he’s not comfortable with it. Find something to do that you know would totally make his day and give him memories to last a lifetime. Getting married is a huge step and should have a ton of good memories tied to it to make the occasion.

Figure Out Who You’re Inviting

You really want to try to keep the bachelor party relatively small. It’s a bonding time for the groom and the men in his life that he’s closest to, not every guy friend he’s ever had a beer with. You also want to make sure the wedding guest list is finalized first. Inviting people that aren’t invited to the wedding is kind of rude and probably not the wisest course of action.

You could also break tradition and invite women that he’s close to if you want. It really depends on the groom and his preferences. If three of his best friends are women, then obviously he’s going to want to celebrate with them too, so don’t leave them out. You should probably refrain from inviting anyone you know your groom doesn’t get along well with, and you may not want to invite that friend that always gets him into trouble, either. Keep the circle tight and small, and the whole thing will go much more smoothly.  

Pick a Date that Works for All

Once you have the activity and guest list nailed down, that’s most of the battle in planning a bachelor party right there. The next step is choosing a date that works best for everyone as well as the activity you’ve chosen to do. Once you’ve got a date set, you can begin sending out invites to the guest list. After that, your job is to make sure everyone shows up at the right place, on time, and that your groom has the time of his life. This night should be less about the wedding planning details like if he’s tailored his wedding suit or not, and more about celebrating his upcoming marriage. Also, make sure food and drinks happen at some point during this momentous occasion, so no one faints from low blood sugar or lack of booze. Party on, fellow humans!

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