How to Clean a Wedding Ring

How to Clean a Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are an important piece of jewelry. They are symbolic of a monumental milestone in your life that you will want to remember forever, the ultimate “keepsake.” As such, it’s important that you do your best to take care of it. That includes making sure you clean it of dirt and grime on a regular basis. Why bother?

Well, because you wear it every day and your hands are one of the most-used appendages on your body. That means your wedding ring will be prone to collect a lot of dirt and grime, even with your best-kept efforts. Not only does the accumulation of dirt, grease, and grime make that shiny ring lose its sparkle, an excess of dirt and grime can also lead to permanent damage.

Considering your wedding ring is both a financial and emotional investment, it only makes sense to properly care for it by cleaning it regularly. While you’re cleaning your wedding ring, it gives you the chance to inspect it for any damage or loose stones that may need repair. Around here, we call that a double win!

Tips on How to Clean a Wedding Ring

There are different ways of cleaning wedding rings, largely dependent on your ring’s style and material. You wouldn’t clean a wood ring the same way you’d clean a metal ring. If your ring is very ornate and detailed, you may have to bow to the grander cleaning skills of a professional jeweler to have it properly cleaned. However, if your ring is simple, such as a plain band, or a wedding ring that doesn’t have a lot of adornment and detailing, you may be able to clean it yourself right from home.

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

While it might seem smart to use something like bleach or acetone to clean your wedding band, we assure you, it’s not. Avoid harsh chemicals like this, including chlorine and other commercial jewelry cleaners. You don’t need them to successfully clean your ring. There’s something to be said for the simple things in life!

For Any Kind of Wedding Rin

Clean Your Wedding Ring with Soap and Water

If this sounds too easy, it’s because it is. Give your ring a nice long soak in warm water with a bit of dish soap, and you’ll be amazed at how clean your ring gets. Aim to soak it for at least 20 minutes, shoot for 40 minutes if you’ve got some time to spare.

Dish soap is a mild detergent that helps loosen and break off particles of dirt that may be present on your wedding band, leaving behind a fresh, clean sparkle. Try using a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub around gemstones and engravings to help lift up and rinse out anything that may be stuck there. 

Clean Your Wedding Band with Alka-Seltzer

For another simple cleaning solution that works for almost all types of rings, try soaking your wedding band in a cup of warm water with fizzy Alka-Seltzer.

You’ll want to leave it to soak for about 20 minutes or so, and if need be, use a soft bristle brush to give your settings a little scrub. When Alka-Seltzer fizzes, the sodium bicarbonate and anhydrous citric acid creates a reaction that breaks up and loosens dirt and gunk.

For Rings Without Gemstones

Clean Your Gold Wedding Band with Beer

Sounds a tad weird, we know. But if your wedding band is solid gold, you can use a light gold brew (not a dark brew) as a cleaning solution to polish away dirt and gunk. Beer has hops that contain alpha acids that work to polish and shine your gold. You don’t have to soak it either, just give it a good wipe down with a soft cloth drenched in a light beer, and then dry it with another microfiber cloth. You’ll be surprised at the deep glimmer and sparkle that’s revealed when you’re done!

Clean Your Silver Wedding Band with Ketchup

Alright, yes, we admit ketchup seems even weirder than beer. But ketchup is actually a great alternative to harsh chemicals to polish silver wedding rings. There’s something about the vinegar in ketchup that reacts with silver and works to break down dirt and grime.

You can use it to clean solid silver wedding bands, or bands with engravings. Just use a soft toothbrush to get into the cracks. However, don’t use ketchup if your wedding band has gemstones and don’t leave the ketchup on your ring for too long, because it can begin to degrade the silver.  So remember, once you've cleaned it with ketchup, make sure to rinse off any reminisce with warm water.

The best way to clean a wedding ring is whatever way gets the job done successfully, without causing damage. If you’re afraid to do it yourself, take it to a professional.  

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