How to Buy Men's Wedding Rings

How to Buy Men's Wedding Rings

Buying men's wedding bands can feel either exciting or daunting, depending on how you approach it. We created our collections and process to be quick, simple and easy.

Todays modern couple has endless choices, some are on the hunt to match their wedding band with their fiance, the truth is, most guys are selecting a wedding band that is unique to their taste. However, if you don't plan on having matching sets and you just want your rings to complement each other, there are some considerations you should think about before purchasing.

Set a Budget and Start Early

The first thing you should decide right at the start is your budget. If you have a budget in mind you are less likely to go over your budget. You are also less likely to get attached to a ring that isn’t in your price range, and less likely to experience buyer’s remorse later. We’ve found the average price for a quality men's ring is $500 - $700 and it typically crafted in either precious metals or alternative metals like black zirconium, Damascus steel, and wood rings.

Start the process early, at least a good 2-3 months before the wedding date to give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect band as well as to make sure it is the proper ring size. To get the perfect fit order our home try-on sizing kit. You should give yourself even more time if you plan on ordering a custom wedding band. You’ll need the extra time should any problems arise in order to fix it.

Decide Your Vision

This will help you narrow down your choices. There is such a wide selection of many different styles and materials of wedding rings out there, it can feel daunting trying to figure out the kind you want to get. Does your man like yellow gold? Platinum? White gold? Rose gold? Maybe he would prefer some of the more stylish or industrial choices, like titanium wedding bands or meteorite wedding bands that will be more durable to stand up to everyday wear and tear. Does he like flashy? Understated?

This will help you decide if it should have any embellishments, such as diamonds or engravings. If you want your rings to complement each other then you might want to make sure the metal of your guy’s wedding band is the same type of metal as your engagement ring. Decide if you want a platinum or yellow gold ring and see if his style matches yours then go from there.

Or mix it up if you want to. There’s no rule that says the rings must match perfectly or even be made of the same kind of metal. It’s important to ask these questions ahead of time, so that once you start shopping you know what you are looking for.

Take the Long View

Remember that wedding rings are meant to be worn for a lifetime. So, you and your man will be staring at both of your wedding rings for years to come, at the very least. There’s nothing saying you can’t change it or upgrade it later of course, but in general, you want to buy a ring that you’re happy with and willing to wear for the next couple of decades and future generations.

Choose a ring that you and your man will like and take the long view when shopping. Also, keep your lifestyle front and center so that whatever wedding ring you choose fits that lifestyle. If your man works in an industry that is tough on jewelry, you might consider choosing a more durable wedding band made of titanium, black zirconium or platinum.

The same thing goes for a man that leads a very active life. If your guy is more about appearances and looking stylish, you might choose a men’s wedding band that is made of one of the more precious metals. Don’t be afraid to discuss options with us, we love speaking directly with clients and will happily navigate this exciting process with you.

Don’t Forget Details

One detail you want to make sure you get right is the size. Especially if you are investing a good amount of money into the perfect wedding band. This is a ring your guy will rarely take off. It needs to fit during all seasons of life, whether it’s hot or cold out, or your guy gains a pound or two or loses a few. While you can estimate ring size based on a ring he already owns if you want, the wiser choice would be to take him into the jeweler and have them size it, or order our home try-on kit. 

Make sure you try on rings when your fiancé’s body temp is normal because heat can cause swelling and cold can cause shrinkage. Both conditions will mess with the accuracy of size and could make the ring an uncomfortable fit at a later date.

One last thing you should keep in mind before making a purchase is the type of maintenance that will be required for your man’s wedding band. Some rings will require less fuss and upkeep than others and that’s something to consider before buying. If your guy isn’t one to keep up with keeping his ring clean and maintained properly, it may be wiser to buy a wedding band that doesn’t take much work to keep in pristine shape. Men’s wedding bands come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Finding the perfect one for your guy is possible, with a bit of time and attention.

Happy shopping!

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