How Should a Ring Fit?

How Should a Ring Fit?

 Ring shopping. Everyone goes on and on about how fun it is, but the truth is, finding that perfect wedding or engagement ring can be tough. There are so many different styles available today, and each style fits a little differently. How should an wedding ring fit, anyway? There’s really no “one size fits all” solution when shopping for wedding bands. Despite the difficulties that come with finding a good fit, there’s no getting around it. Proper sizing is vital. If a ring doesn’t fit well, you won’t be comfortable wearing it.

It can also be dangerous, and not in a good way. The perils of wearing a ring that’s loose means it could go flying off your hand when you least expect it. It might even happen without you knowing it until later. This is terrifying if your ring happens to be costly.

The perils of a ring that’s too small means it can be difficult to remove. Sometimes a ring that’s too small can even be downright painful to wear. On top of that, getting the wrong size means you may have to go through the hassle of having it resized. If your ring is a style that doesn’t allow for resizing, you might have to exchange it for another ring completely. Therefore, finding a good fit is essential before committing to a buy.

The Myth of Finding That Perfect Fit

How should a wedding ring fit? Or an engagement ring? Or any ring, for that matter? Unfortunately, there’s a pervasive myth that even if you find a ring that’s a good size and feels comfortable, it will feel that way all the time. This is not the case. The truth is that there is no perfect fit when it comes to ring size. You might find the perfect fit in the moment. It might even fit perfectly “most” of the time. But there are a lot of factors that affect how well a ring fits and those factors can cause changes in your fingers by the day, or even by the minute.

The most common changes that can affect how well your ring fits include:

  • Hormone changes
  • Weight changes
  • Dietary changes
  • Weather changes
  • Physical activities

Even something that seems innocent, like a job that forces you to use your hands a lot, can contribute to changes in your finger size. All of these factors conspire to mean even the best fitting ring can feel tighter or looser, depending on the hour or the day.

Determine Your Ring Size

There are a few ways to determine your ring size. If you’re looking for an engagement ring, it’s possible you are hoping to purchase something on the sly, without letting your other half know your intentions. You can try finding their size by “borrowing” a ring they currently wear on their left ring finger. It’s tricky, but not impossible, provided they actually wear a ring on that finger.

If not, you won’t get any useful information by borrowing a ring they wear on another finger. Rings may even fit differently depending on the hand, so you really need to size based on the proper finger of the hand that will be wearing it. You could try asking friends or family that know your other half well, but that isn’t always successful either. The safer bet is to just take your intended recipient with you when shopping, so that you can get an accurate size. Romantic? Maybe not. Efficient? Definitely.

Size at the Right Time of Day

You wouldn’t think it would matter what time of day you have a ring sized, but it does. The best time to measure the size of your finger is late afternoon. Ideally, do it sometime between lunch and dinner. This is the time of day your fingers will be at their largest, most reliable size. Too early in the morning and your fingers may be swollen but will shrink as the day goes on.

Order a Ring Sizing Kit

Instead of the hassle of having to go see a professional jeweler, a ring sizing kit allows you to determine your ring size in the comfort of your own home. The reliability of an at-home ring sizing kit makes it so that you know your fit once and for all and you can avoid resizing (or worse, buying a new ring). Even experienced jewelers often make mistakes, so with a sizing kit, there is no need to go from jeweler to jeweler for a second opinion. 

A good fitting ring should slide on and off your ring finger comfortably, without getting stuck or falling off. The tricky part? Your finger size may vary slightly throughout the day, which is why getting sized by a jeweler can be problematic. With a ring sizing kit, you’re able to test a ring throughout your average day–at the gym, in the shower, or wherever else your day might take you!

Your Finger Shape

You might not realize it, but your finger shape can play a big role in how well a ring does or does not fit. Everyone is different. If your ring finger is wide at the base of your finger, yet tapers off toward the tip, this can cause a problem in sizing. Even if you get a ring that fits well, if it accidentally gets pushed up, it can slide right off the rest of your finger, making it easy to lose. A strong, snug fit without denting the skin or bulging around the ring will be important.

However, if you find that your finger is slimmer at the base, yet widens over the knuckle, this can cause its own set of problems. If you get the ring too small, it won’t slide over the knuckle. If it’s too big, it might slide over the knuckle, but it will be loose around the base of the finger. In this case, you might have to get the size that slides over your knuckle easily and use sizing beads to help keep the ring snug.

Narrow vs Wide Rings

The width of your ring will also make a difference in how a ring will fit. Wider rings will have to be a larger size by necessity, because it’s covering more of your finger. Alternately, if the ring band is thin and narrow, the size will be smaller, because it’s taking up less space on your finger.

Common Mistakes in Ring Sizing

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to make mistakes when sizing a ring. That’s why it’s always best to have the help of a professional with plenty of experience to help you find a comfortable fit. 

From our experience most customers who size themselves at home usually select the size that is ½ to 1 full size too big. So if you are on the fence we always recommend to order a ½ size smaller. 

Ignoring Ring Style

Remember that the wider the band, the larger the ring will need to be. If you choose a style that is narrower, the size will be smaller. There are also certain types of styles, such as eternity bands, where sizing is nearly impossible. Failing to take into consideration the style of the ring when determining the size you need can mean you wind up with a ring that doesn’t fit quite as well as you’d hoped.

Weight Changes

Weight changes occur in both men and women. They can be gradual or sudden. Sudden weight changes might be the result of humid (or cold) weather, too many drinks the night before, or a sushi binge. Whatever the cause, you swell and retain water, which can affect the size of your fingers. If you don’t keep this in mind, you might end up purchasing a ring that feels like a good fit, but then once the water weight drops, it’s suddenly too big.

Also, don’t forget that cold weather can affect the size of your finger as well. When it’s cold, your hands and fingers will shrink. So, you might get a ring that feels great, only to find it’s cutting off your circulation once your fingers start to warm up and return to their normal size.

Sizing Too Loose

Men especially, want a ring that is comfortable to put on and comfortable to wear. They will often compromise and end up purchasing a ring that is looser than it should be. Unfortunately, having a ring that’s too loose means that losing the ring is almost guaranteed, it’s only a matter of when. It will most likely end up lost on a cold day without you even realizing it slipped from your finger. That is a huge bummer, especially if the ring happened to cost a small fortune.

Signs Your Ring May Be Too Small

Though getting a ring that’s too large seems to be more common than getting one that’s too small, nevertheless, it does happen. Below are a few glaring warning signs that your ring has been sized too small and needs to be bigger.

You Can’t Remove It

Despite the ring seeming to slide onto your finger easily enough, in some cases you might find that once it’s on, it’s difficult to remove. Though it might be tempting to just leave it be, especially if it’s a wedding band, the reality is you need to have a ring that you can remove. It’s dangerous to not be able to take it off when necessary. Use a bit of oil and ice to help get the ring off and then have it resized as soon as possible.

You Can’t Turn It

This goes hand in hand with being able to remove it. If your ring is so tight that you can’t turn it in either direction, it’s way too tight and needs to be resized appropriately. A good rule of thumb is that you should be able to turn the ring with relative ease in both directions with a good fit.

Your Circulation is Cut Off

Obviously if your ring is too tight, it can cut your circulation off. If you notice weird numbness or tingling in your finger, or it starts to look a little blue in color, you need to get the ring off immediately, just for safety reasons alone. Your finger may also feel cool to the touch if blood is not properly circulating and in some cases your finger may even hurt. If wearing a ring is painful, it’s a sure bet that ring is not a good fit.

It Looks Too Tight

Sometimes your ring might not hinder circulation, but you can still tell it’s a poor fit just on appearance. A ring that is too small will be tight around the finger and cause indents in the skin. You might even notice that the skin around the ring bulges slightly. The bottom line is if you can look at your finger and visibly see the ring looks tight, you need to go for a larger ring size.

Above All Seek Comfort

So, how should a ring fit? Is it better to size up or down? Ultimately, ring sizes can be somewhat subjective. A good fit will often boil down to personal preference. What feels good for you may drive someone else crazy. If you’re wearing a plain band with no stones or decorative features, you might not care if it’s a little loose and spins on your finger, as long as it doesn’t fall off.

On the other hand, if your ring has a heavy rock and it keeps spinning, that can quickly become frustrating. Some people prefer to have a tighter fit with a ring, so that it feels snug. That way they can rest easy, knowing it’s unlikely to go anywhere. Our best advice is to order a ring sizing kit and then purchase the size that feels the best!

Do You Know Your Ring Size?

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