How Much to Spend on Mens Wedding Rings

How Much to Spend on Mens Wedding Rings

The cost of men’s wedding rings can vary greatly depending on many factors that impact the quality of the ring itself. The kind of metal the ring is made of, the jewels it may be encrusted with, how many jewels it may have, how intricate the design is, whether you have it engraved or not, and even whether the ring is sleek and delicate versus heavy, wide, and large. We’ll talk about each of these things, so you can decide for yourself exactly how much to spend on men’s wedding bands.

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 Compare Metals

There are several different price points for men's wedding rings, especially when it comes to metals and quality.

Some men may opt to purchase a titanium, zirconium, or stainless steel wedding band in order to save money. All three metals are also on the lower end of the price spectrum and are popular choices for men that work in industries where jewelry can take a beating beyond the normal wear and tear that men's wedding rings experience. They look more traditional and are highly customizable with wood inlays, meteorite and all precious metals like rose and yellow gold., making them a good choice for men that like understated and simple, yet still affordable.

On the other end of the price spectrum are metals like 14k and 18K yellow or rose gold, white gold, palladium, and platinum, which are all in the precious metal category. These type of men’s wedding bands can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousands of dollars depending on the type of design chosen, the millimeter width (4mm, 6mm, 8mm. or 10 mm.), and whether or not there are any precious stones set on it. White, yellow and rose gold wedding bands tend to be less expensive, while palladium sits right in the middle and platinum bands are generally the most expensive due to the heft of platinum. Keep in mind that palladium is newer on the market and harder to craft and locate, so that can further increase the costs of this option.

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Compare Finishes

Another thing that impacts the cost of wedding rings for men are factors like finger size and millimeter width, finish, and whether there are precious stones and any designs or engravings on the piece. When choosing a fit, you can choose from rounded edges and square edges to match your personal style. When it comes to finish, you can find high polish, which is what traditional wedding bands often boast. These bands will have a finish that is shiny and reflects the light.

For men that prefer less flash, you can find rings with a matte or satin finish that won’t reflect the light as much. Some men like both finishes and will prefer rings that have both types of finish.

This is very stylistic and is considered a “combination” finish. These types of rings may increase the budget because it’s more time intensive to make them. Another finish that is popular is hammered. It actually looks as though the metal of the ring has been hammered from many angles, giving it a very unique, eye-catching look and texture that many men really like the look of.

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Compare Engraving and Detailing

The cost of men’s wedding rings can also vary based on how the ring is detailed and engraved or encrusted with diamonds and gemstones. Some rings have unique designs or edging engraved on them, while others are detailed with diamonds, sapphires, or other precious stones and accents.

The intricacies of the designs and engravings will increase the overall cost of the ring, as will the number and type of precious stones it may have. Some men want a custom engraving on their wedding band or a custom design. Obviously, custom designs and engravings can increase the cost of any ring exponentially, no matter what type of metal or stones you choose.

Ultimately the average cost of men’s wedding rings can range widely, so it’s important before you begin shopping to determine your budget first. Once you have a firm budget in mind, you can then make your way to a fine jewelry store to decide what kind of metals you want to look for and whether or not you would prefer something fancy or understated. As a general guide, a fine quality men's wedding band average approximately $500 - $700

Knowing what you want before you begin shopping for a men's wedding bands can help you purchase wisely. It’s much easier to find the perfect ring for your man without blowing your budget when you know from right off the bat what you will and won’t be looking at.

It also helps you avoid looking at rings that you know are far beyond your price range, so you don’t fall in love with something you can’t have or put yourself in debt purchasing something you shouldn’t. Only spend what you budget for on his wedding ring. The same goes for yours too! There are too many beautiful and budget-friendly wedding rings out there to settle for anything less than the best, at the best price for you.

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