How Do You Know Your Ring Size?

How Do You Know Your Ring Size?

Figuring out what size ring you wear can be a bit of an adventure. How should a ring fit, anyway? If you’re not one to wear jewelry very often, you may never have had a ring sized before. However, you can set about measuring your ring size yourself, and have a good idea to start shopping with. Keep reading for some helpful tips to get you started on ring sizing before you find your perfect wedding ring.

Decide Which Finger

Before you do any measuring, you need to first determine what finger you intend to wear the ring on. Every finger will likely be a different size. Even the same finger on the opposite hand may be smaller or larger than its twin. This is because typically the dominant hand is larger than the non-dominant hand. Make sure you measure the finger of the hand that will be wearing the ring, or you will find yourself regretting it later.

Choose the Right Time of Day

There are a lot of changes that can happen day-to-day and even minute-to-minute in our fingers. Your activities and environment can play a role in determining the size of your ring. Fingers can swell and shrink depending on warm or cold weather, what you’ve eaten, whether you’re dehydrated, if you’re pregnant, and multiple other factors.

Also, note that your fingers are often swollen first thing in the morning, and will shrink as the day progresses. Try timing your measuring adventure to coincide just between the hours of lunch and dinner. This is often when the size of your finger is at its most reliable, so you can get the most accurate measurement.

Consider Your Shape

Fingers are like snowflakes. No two are exactly alike, there’s something different about each. That’s why it’s important to measure the finger you actually intend to wear the ring on, and not another one. It’s also important to think about the shape of your finger.

When it comes to fitting, is it better to size up or down? Some fingers are wide at the base and taper down, which can result in a ring falling off if the ring is too loose and slips down too far. Others may have large knuckles that make it tricky to take a ring on and off, because the knuckle gets in the way. For those with large knuckles, it may be helpful to take two measurements, one of your knuckle and one of the base of your finger. Then you can choose a size somewhere in the middle.

Think of Your Ring Style

One thing to keep in mind is that ring style and design can play a role when you determine your ring size, too. Rings that have a thicker width (8 millimeter widths and up) typically require a larger size than rings with a slimmer band. If this is the case, we suggest selecting a ½ size larger than your standard size.

Order a Ring Sizing Kit

So, how do you know your ring size? The best way to find a comfortable fit is to order a ring sizing kit. Keep in mind that there are many factors that go into properly sizing a ring. Many think that going to a jeweler is the most effective way to determine your ring size, however, this can be problematic because a jeweler only measures your finger for a short period of time.  An at-home sizing kit allows you to see how a ring functions throughout your day-to-day life. Is your ring comfortable to wear at the gym, in the shower, at work? These are all questions that will be answered with a ring sizing kit. Our ring sizing kit allows you to try on 10 different ring sizers that you can wear throughout the day. And the best part? You’ll receive 15% off your ring purchase when ordering a sizing kit! Don't miss out, order our ring sizing kit today! 

Do You Know Your Ring Size?

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