A New Approach to the Traditional Ring Buying Process

A New Approach to the Traditional Ring Buying Process

Once upon a time, the only way someone would even think of buying a wedding band was by walking into a retail jewelry store and allowing the (dubiously) helpful sales clerk to convince them to buy something they’ve dubbed “just perfect” for their taste and budget. Whether that engagement ring or wedding band was either of those things could be debated. Some people are more susceptible to pushy sales tactics than others. 

Regardless, shopping in a traditional jewelry store was often an intimidating process, full of shiny glass displays, strategic lighting, polite but unrelenting sales pressure, and loads of unnecessary stress. If you were that rare unicorn that didn’t mind all that craziness or could push back as good as you got, chances were, you walked out with a purchase you were happy with. Others, not so lucky, often walked out over-budget and underwhelmed. 

Thankfully, in today’s modern wedding ring market, you no longer have to put yourself through such horrors. Online jewelry stores are changing the landscape of the jewelry industry, bringing forth a jewelry experience with beautiful inventory direct-to-consumer, no unnecessary middlemen and no uptick in charges to cover the costs of doing business. 

Online shopping has become very en vogue, and we at His Ring Shop like to think that we are leading the pack when it comes to presenting you with high quality, fine wedding bands at equally fine prices, with the added bonus of beyond-next-level customer service. We have created and offer a state-of-the-art experience we dare you to look around and find anywhere else. Our primary goal as an online jeweler is to revolutionize the traditional ring buying process and satisfy the needs of our clients, one customized wedding band at a time. 

Now what gives us such confidence? What specifically, makes us so spectacular? A few things, actually. 

Convenience, Man

There’s something to be said about modern-day conveniences, don’t you think? In today’s culture and economy, convenience is the name of the game no matter what market you’re in. We order our food for delivery, our furniture for delivery, our groceries for delivery, heck, some of us even order dog food for delivery. No? Just us? 

Point being, in such an age of convenience, where almost anything can be ordered online and dropped right on your doorstep, why not buy jewelry and have it delivered as well? Especially when we can offer such a varied selection of custom wedding rings for men that you simply won’t find anywhere else. 

We offer a unique, convenient customer experience that allows you to choose a ring already fashioned from the finest of materials, such as meteorite or Damascus steel, or allows you to build your ring from scratch, so that your design 100% reflects you and your signature style. We help you choose or create a wedding band that makes a statement—your statement. 

The best part is you can go through our entire searching, sizing, building, and buying process right from the comfort of your own home, lounging in your underwear, while nursing a beer. We certainly don’t judge. In fact, we might have written this in our underwear. We’ll never tell. 

The bottom line? Convenience is the revolution, and we’ve nailed convenience with excellence. Try us and experience the difference. We’re more than willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Supreme Variety

There’s nothing that makes shopping for a ring more pleasurable than having options. We are proud to offer over 200 different ring styles for men. You can choose from different metals and materials, different textures and finishes, different colors, stones, and designs… the sky's the limit. Okay, your imagination and our genius is the limit, but when combined—watch out! You can find or customize a ring that literally looks as though it was made just for you because it was. 

It seems a bit counter-intuitive to drive around hitting your local jewelry shops and risk walking out with something you aren’t thrilled with because you couldn’t find something you were thrilled with. With our wide selection of high quality, tasteful rings made for men just like you, there’s really no excuse for settling. And lest you need reminding, this wide variety of ring choices may be found and purchased with a few clicks of your fingers, whilst lounging in bed with a cup of coffee. Or your special partner. 

Concierge-Style Service

Even the manliest of men like to feel seen and appreciated, especially when buying a wedding band. It’s such a momentous symbol of commitment and love between you and your other half, and you deserve to have the benefit of expert guidance, sans the heavy sales pressure. When comparing the retail jewelry stores that practically breathe down your neck while shopping, eager to make that commission and move on to the next customer, the shopping experience we offer our customers is vastly different. 

Your satisfaction is paramount to us, which means we take the time to educate you and answer all of your questions, even the ones that might seem dumb to you. There are no dumb questions when choosing to work with us. With many styles to choose from, it can be hard to know what to look for when buying a wedding ring which is why we are here to guide you. Our goal is to do our level best to help you make the best choice you can possibly make before pulling out your wallet. If you aren’t totally stoked to receive your ring, clearly we are failing! It might sound hokey, but man-to-man—when you place your trust in us, we honor it. 

First Class Sizing Kits

We never want you to have to guess at your ring size. It’s one of the most important aspects when purchasing a ring. Size too large and you will be forced to resize down or use sizing beads or spring inserts to make the ring fit. Certain styles (especially if it’s a custom order) don’t have the ability to be resized, which means you’d have to order an entirely new ring. If you order a ring that’s too small, unfortunately, the same problems arise. 

Since we don’t want you wasting your time or your dollars, we have created a premium ring sizing kit to help you determine your ring size without the sweat or hassle. We assure you, not only will you not have to tie strings around your finger or print a PDF to scrutinize sizes, you won’t have to worry you misjudged your size either. You deserve the best we have to offer and that includes a first-class sizing kit that helps you find your true ring size, stress-free and hassle-free. 

Stellar Shipping and Return Policies

Some online jewelry stores don’t have an iron-clad return policy that allows you to return your purchase for a full refund. They charge things like restocking fees or only allow exchanges. We buck that status quo and offer full refunds if you purchase a ring and decide for whatever reason, you don’t like it as much as you thought you would. 

After all, there’s not much point in forcing you to pay for a purchase you don’t love. Some merchants also charge shipping fees for purchases you make online, which can be high depending on where you live. We strive to be different by footing the shipping costs for you. 

Since ultimately we’re trying to save you money and make life easier by providing a superior online jewelry store experience, waiving shipping charges seems like a no-brainer. At the end of the day, we want all of our clients singing our praises from the rooftops! Offering added value through our shipping and return policies help us facilitate that. 

Guaranteed Satisfaction

If you can’t make the investment of a lifetime without a lifetime guarantee, something is seriously wrong with that picture. We are making waves in the ring shop world by daring to offer a lifelong guarantee on every single one of our men’s wedding rings, including those that are custom detailed and designed. 

We don’t waste your time or blow smoke up your butt hiding good-for-us, bad-for-you policies in the fine print. We are fully transparent with the benefits we offer our customers and make no shoddy excuses if something needs repairs or replacing. Your business is of primo importance to us and so is the state of your ring. Every wedding band is an investment meant to last a lifetime and we promise to ensure it does.  

You Were on Our Mind

You men, that is. There’s no arguing that the jewelry industry is largely female-driven. When you enter a traditional jewelry store, most sales reps will look to the woman on your arm and from that point on, you become invisible. We are revolutionizing online jewelry stores by providing a customer experience that is uniquely geared to serve all you floundering men out there, just doing your best to find that perfect ring without all the crazy. 

Whoever declared ring shopping as some stressful or tedious item to check off the getting married to-do list? As much as women love to shop for that perfect wedding ring, we are convinced men should get to feel that same sense of excitement and satisfaction before making such a monumental purchase. 

Online jewelry stores (like us here at His Ring Shop) are leading the revolution and changing the way wedding rings are sold all over the world. While we don’t claim to be the only game in town, we do consider ourselves to be one of the best of the best. Start shopping for your wedding band today and give us a chance to prove it. 

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