6 Unique Ways to Propose

6 Unique Ways to Propose

Getting married is a huge step in life. It marks the end of the “me” era and the start of the “we” era. Popping the question is a milestone moment and like any self-respecting man, you want it to be a moment to remember. Getting down on one knee and asking your lover to be your forever is a story you’ll be telling your grandkids someday and your grandkid’s grandkids. That means there’s a lot of pressure to make it good.

However, it is possible to go overboard with the romantic gestures and bold moves and veer into cheesy territory. You definitely don’t want that, unless of course, your girl digs cheesy. If that’s the case, cheese on my friend. For everyone else, you need ideas for fun, unique ways to propose that will rock your future partner’s socks off, and we’ve got them. Whether you want a simple proposal, or an over-the-top one, keep reading for some of our most fun and romantic ways to pop the big question. Before you know it, you and your soon-to-be partner will be shopping for wedding bands and choosing your wedding party!

Create a Scavenger Hunt

This can be as low key or as zany as you want to go. Low key and simple might be leaving clues around your house or apartment that leads to you and a ring with a private candlelit dinner. Or you can get your family and crew involved and make it a scavenger hunt night on the town. Leave clues at local hotspots and end the night at your chosen proposal location. There you can get down on one knee in front of all your nearest and dearest, to put a ring on it.

Enlist Your Furry Friends

If you and your SO have a dog together, you could use your four-legged friend to deliver your message. Try tags on the collar engraved with a marriage proposal, or try putting your pooch in a cute doggie t-shirt that says, “Will You Marry Me?”

Make a Destination Proposal

This can be as big or as simple as you want it to be. You can take your S.O. on a trip across the world and propose at an exotic spot, like Italy or the Swiss Alps. Or you can plan a simple staycation a few towns over, perhaps near a beach or somewhere with a beautiful view and plan a private picnic. Whatever location you choose, make sure it’s got plenty of ambiance to help set the romantic mood.

Create a Custom Puzzle

You could do this with a custom jigsaw or crossword puzzle, or you could really go all in and take a photo of family or friends holding up signs asking the big question. Have the photo made into a puzzle that you and your partner work on together over dinner. Once you finish the puzzle, you’ve got something to frame as a keepsake, to remind you of that moment they said yes.

Make a Memory Video

There’s nothing that hits someone’s heart harder than reminding them of your history together. Put together a video with photos and clips of some of your favorite memories with each other, and create slides with words in between, asking her to be yours forever. Use a favorite song or a song that is “yours” for the background music and present the ring once the video ends.

Get Artsy 

If you’re any type of creative, you could put your skills to work. Love music? Write her a song and sing it over her during a rooftop picnic or romantic dinner. Love drawing and graffiti? Use sidewalk chalk to draw out your proposal outside your front door, then invite her over. If you share a home together, use glow in the dark paint, stickers, tape, or other fun materials to write your proposal on your ceiling above your bed. When the lights go out, she won’t be able to help seeing it and will go gaga.

Find a Photographer

No matter how you end up proposing, hire a photographer (or a friend who's good with a camera) to capture your wedding proposal to make it even more memorable. Having photos that capture the surprise on your lover's face will show how special that moment was for you both, and might even make the perfect engagement photos!

Just remember there’s really no wrong or right way to ask someone to marry you. When trying to come up with unique ways to propose, try to think of ideas that are unique to you and to your relationship with each other. Every couple has quirks and incorporating those into your marriage proposal shenanigans will make the moment even more fun and memorable and get you excited to plan your special wedding.

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